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Lessons From LeBron James on Debt Management

Posted by Melinda Dionne | Jun 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

Lessons from LeBron James

I know a story about LeBron James on a Blog about getting out of debt seems more than a little strange.  But hang in there.  Maybe you will see the connection that struck me last night.  I'm not a big basketball fan.  I doubt 3 years ago I could have told you anything about LeBron James.  Then James made the decision to go on national television, during primetime, to announce he was leaving Cleveland for Miami.

Learn from Your Past Mistakes

Suddenly the young man who thought he had it all was a villain.  He was criticized for the way he handled the announcement to leave Cleveland for Miami.  Every move he made was looked at, judged, and determined to be the actions of an arrogant athlete who thought he was above the rest of us.  His failure to deliver on his potential in his first year with Miami was James' wakeup call.  Suddenly, the star player was just like everyone else.  If he wanted to succeed, he had to put in the hard work and learn from his mistakes.

Don't Let Your Mistakes Define You

Love him or hate him, LeBron James taught us a lesson this year.  He taught that lesson, not by his words, but by his actions.  He certainly could talk a good game.  Last night he reminded us that the key to success is not what we say, it's what we do.

We are defined, not by our weakest moments or our failures, but by our triumphs in the face of adversity.  Taking charge of our financial lives means not letting our past mistakes and failures define our future.  We, not the debt collectors and the haters, determine who and what we will be.   We determine what our future will hold.

Choose to Move Forward

We can choose to continue down the same path of endless phone calls, harassment, fear, and feelings of failure or we can do something about it.  We can take charge of our futures.  We can take the steps necessary to get out of debt.  It's time to decide—do you want to continue struggling with debt you can't pay?  Or, do you want to do the hard work that it takes to lift yourself up and get out of debt?  Do you want to be defined by your past mistakes or do you want to grab hold of your future?

Work Hard and Win

LeBron James showed us last night what it means to work hard and take charge of our future.  He didn't let the haters or his past mistakes define him.  He rose up, and through hard work and determination, he became the star that he was always capable of being.

Get Out of Debt

Success in getting out of debt can be yours with the same hard and work and determination.  If you are struggling with debt you can't pay schedule an appointment to talk with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.  Most bankruptcy lawyers do not charge to evaluate your situation.  Invest an hour of your time.  It's your future—make it a great debt free one!

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