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JB Recommends Melinda Dionne

As a client of Melinda Dionne, I was blessed to get the best representation I could have ever hoped for.  She saw me as a woman who had reached her breaking point, and not just another client.  I would recommend Melinda Dionne to any who thinks he or she has nobody to go to for help.

When I felt I had no other choice but to file bankruptcy, I consulted with three other firms before I talked with Ms. Dionne.  After each of those previous visits, I came away more confused, ashamed, and overwhelmed than ever before. Within a few minutes into my initial consultation with Ms. Dionne, I knew I had found someone who knew every phase of the bankruptcy process.  She explained in detail, and in terms I could understand, every step I would need to take.  At the same time she put me at ease and made me a priority.  I instantly felt I had someone in my corner who would take the burden from me.  The confidence she exuded throughout my case was definitely warranted.  She delivered on everything she said she would.  I was very impressed with her demeanor in court, and her knowledge of any issue that arose.

As Ms. Dionne's client, I always felt I was her top priority, no matter how many clients she had.  She was always focused on my case, readily available when I had questions, and is still assisting me after my discharge if any issue arises.  She always answers when I call and follows through when needed.  One of her most admirable traits are she doesn't forget you when your case is over.

Filing bankruptcy was the most traumatic time in my life, and it was truly a last resort.  I didn't need judgment, I needed help.  Melinda Dionne offered that help in a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and thorough manner.  At the risk of sounding dramatic, she saved my life.  At the very least, she saved my dignity by giving me a fresh start.  She has my undying gratitude and I thank God He led me to her website quite by accident.

– JB

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