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Why do I have to fill out all these documents to file for bankruptcy?

Posted by Melinda Dionne | Aug 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

Filing bankruptcy is really an easy process but you do have to fill out some forms and gather information for bankruptcy attorney.  The questions are not hard to answer and the documents needed are not hard to get.  Think of it this way-if you fill out the forms, the Bankruptcy Court will not make you most of your debts.

 Your Bankruptcy Lawyer will need a list of all of your assets.

Your bankruptcy attorney will need list of all of your assets, the value of those assets, the amount of money owed on those assets, if any, the location of your assets, and whether you only assets individually or with another person.

 Your Bankruptcy Lawyer will need a list of everything you owe.

Your bankruptcy attorney will also need a list (or copies of billing statements) on all of the people you owe money to, and, if applicable, all of the people who may owe you money.

 Your bankruptcy lawyer needs correct mailing addresses.

You will need to provide your bankruptcy attorney with the full account number, complete and accurate mailing address, amount owed, and the date each debt was incurred.

 Your bankruptcy lawyer will need proof of identity and tax returns.

You will need to provide your bankruptcy attorney with a copy of your driver's license, Social Security card, copies of your Federal tax returns for the past 2 calendar years, and a copy of any tax assessor statement for all land in which you own an interest.

 Your bankruptcy lawyer must have copies of your pay stubs.

You will need to provide your bankruptcy attorney with copies of your pay stubs for any jobs that you have had for the 7 months preceding the filing of your case. Believe me, I can hear you groaning over this one! I don't like it either because I am required to enter them into the computer, however, your case cannot be filed without this information. The last 60 days worth of paycheck stubs must be filed with the court along with your petition.

By way of summary, although the filing of a bankruptcy case is relatively easy, it does require that you provide substantially detailed records in order to support the bankruptcy petition that your bankruptcy attorney puts together.

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