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You Get What You Pay For in Bankruptcy

Posted by Melinda Dionne | Oct 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

The craze in the world of Bankruptcy these days seems to be attorneys offering to file a case for you for little or nothing. When I drive to Birmingham I always see signs for bankruptcies beginning at $599 or Internet adds for $629 or $999 total. As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, I know that there is always a “catch” with these ads. Either the ads are only disclosing the attorney fee and not the almost $400 in expenses that must be paid or there are conditions on the low cost offers.  Even worse, some of the “low cost” guys have little or no experience filing in the bankruptcy court.

Feeling the Pressure to “Compete” With the Low Costs Guys

It is natural to worry about whether these low cost offers are going to undercut the ability of the experienced bankruptcy lawyers, who charge a fair fee, to earn a living. I sometimes find myself tempted to match their prices. After all, I have overhead to pay and people who depend on me for their salaries. I understand a client's desire to “get the most” for their money. But I also understand that there is a lot of truth in the statement that “you get what you pay for.”

Experience Wins Out over Price Every Time

When facing the possibility of filing bankruptcy, the last thing you need is to be in the hands of an inexperienced bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy is a specialized area of the law that is filled with traps for the inexperienced attorney. If your attorney fails to recognize potential problems with your assets, exemptions, or liens, you may find yourself losing assets you thought you would be able to keep. If your bankruptcy lawyer doesn't understand the rules about which debts are dischargeable, you may find that you have filed a bankruptcy case only to end up owing the very debt you were trying to discharge. Bankruptcy practice requires you to know the judges, the trustees, the bankruptcy code and how they all work together to get your client the best result. Yes, you usually pay a little more for an attorney's experience but if you needed brain surgery, would you us a doctor with no experience? Of course not! So, when you need a bankruptcy lawyer, why would price be your only concern? Experience matters just as much, or more, than price.

Final Thoughts about the Low Price Guys

Recently, I had a new client go to my website and use the Live Chat feature. It was a Friday night at 9:00 p.m. and she had learned late that day that her mortgage company was moving forward with foreclosure on her home Monday morning. She had been trying to get a mortgage modification worked out, but at the last minute (when the likely hoped she could not find any help), they announced that they were unwilling to reach a workout. I received an email a few minutes after her Chat and called her at 9:05 p.m. The next morning, a Saturday, I met her at my office and got a Chapter 13 case filed for her so that she could save her house. My client has my personal cell phone number. She talked to me after 9:00 on a Friday night. I helped her save her home because that is what I do every day for my clients. I give my clients my personal cell number and I answer their calls until 9:00 p.m. 7 days a week. Clients text me and communicate with me by email on a regular basis. I am available to help them when they get a call from a creditor that is threatening to repossess their car or send the sheriff to their home. I don't charge extra for these conveniences; they are just part of what goes into representing my clients.

I'm not the Cheapest Bankruptcy Lawyer, But I Challenge Anyone to Match the Service I Provide

If you hire me as your bankruptcy lawyer, I will charge you a fair price. I will work with you to work out a payment plan you can afford. I will stand by you throughout your bankruptcy case. I won't abandon you when things get tough in your case. I will answer your calls in the evenings and on the weekends. When the repo guys shows up to pull your car, you will be able to get me on the phone to verify that you have filed a bankruptcy case. No, I'm not the cheapest bankruptcy lawyer out there. What I bring to the table is experience, understanding, compassion, and a dedication to the welfare of my clients. Cut rate fees will never buy you that!

If you are looking for an experienced, dedicated bankruptcy lawyer, call me to set up a free consultation.  I will help you start on the road to a better life without the burden of your existing debts.

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