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How to Stop a Foreclosure with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

Posted by Melinda Dionne | Oct 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

How to Stop a Foreclosure with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

Are you behind on your mortgage? Is your lien holder threatening to foreclose on your home?

If you are facing Foreclosure, an Experienced Birmingham or Tuscaloosa Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help!

Many people get behind on their mortgage because of lost earnings, illness, or other circumstances that are sometimes beyond their control. When their financial situation improves, they find themselves fighting to save their home while the mortgage company demands thousands of dollars, in a lump sum, to let them keep their house.

If you can afford to make your current monthly payment but you don't have the thousands of dollars needed to cure the past due amount, an experienced Birmingham or Tuscaloosa bankruptcy attorney can help!

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers bankruptcy debtors the ability to continue paying their regular mortgage payment while spreading the past due amount over as much as 60 months. You do not have to pay interest on the past due amount if your mortgage was incurred after 1994.

That's right, you can save your home!

If you are facing foreclosure, pick up the phone and call an experienced Birmingham or Tuscaloosa bankruptcy lawyer to see how you can immediately stop the foreclosure and save your home. Don't be a victim. Fight to save your home!

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