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Credit Counseling

Seeking the help of a reputable credit counselor is another approach to debt problems.  The trick with this option is finding a “reputable credit counselor.”  You have to really do your homework when it comes to choosing a credit counselor.  Don't be fooled by the fact that an organization claims to be a “nonprofit” organization.  This does not mean that their services are free nor does it mean that they are affordable.    Some organizations charge high fees and leave you deeper in deep than when you first came to see them.  Tips on hiring the right credit counselor include:

  • Choose a company with a local office where you interview the counselors in person
  • Choose a company that employs only certified, trained counselors in the areas of consumer credit, money and debt management
  • A good credit counselor will discuss your entire situation with you
  • A good credit counselor will help you develop a budget and a plan to help you solve your debt problems
  • A good credit counselor will provide you with free information about their company.

You should avoid any credit counselor who:

  • Refuses to send you information about itself, at no charge,
  • Has been the subject of consumer complaints with the state Attorney General or the Better Business Bureau, or
  • Develops a plan for you without knowing everything about your finances.

A good credit counselor will help you develop a budget that will work for you.  If your debts are more than you can pay, they will tell you to seek additional help.  A good counselor will give you honest advice and they may even tell you that bankruptcy may be your best option.  Credit counseling will only work if you have enough money each month to pay your bills. If your bills are more than you can pay, you need another form of help.

Our Birmingham and Tuscaloosa Bankruptcy Lawyers Will Explain Your Options to You

When you meet with our Birmingham and Tuscaloosa bankruptcy lawyers, they will review your case to determine if you would be better served by a credit counseling program.  It is not unusual for our Birmingham and Tuscaloosa bankruptcy lawyers to advise clients against filing a bankruptcy case.  Our goal is to provide you with top quality service.  Our Birmingham and Tuscaloosa bankruptcy lawyers believe that bankruptcy can be a powerful, life changing tool when it is done correctly and in the right circumstances.  It is not a tool to be used by everyone.  If you would not benefit from filing a bankruptcy case, our Birmingham and Tuscaloosa bankruptcy lawyers will tell you that in your free consultation.

Your Birmingham and Tuscaloosa bankruptcy lawyers can explain all of your options to you. You will not be pressured to hire us, or file a bankruptcy case. Your Birmingham and Tuscaloosa bankruptcy lawyers will explain your options to you for free.

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