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Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer

Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer

Posted by Melinda Dionne | Jun 23, 2012 | 0 Comments

Bankruptcy Fees and Price Shopping

Let's assume you have a brain tumor.  You need to find the best surgeon to perform a life saving operation.  What is your first step?  Do you pick up the phone and call all the brain surgeons in town and ask what they charge for an operation like yours?  Can you imagine what kind of answer you would get if you made that call?  But hey, if you feel comfortable hiring the person who is going to save your life by making that phone call, by all means, make it!

Calling Around for a Price

This morning I got a call from someone wanting to know what I charge for a bankruptcy case.  I get at least one of these calls a day.  The person only wants a number.  They don't want to answer questions.  They don't want to tell you anything about their facts.  They just want a number.  They just want to know–who is the cheapest bankruptcy attorney?    I'm always polite but I always have to tell them—it's probably not me.

Cheap and Best Aren't the Same

I am good at what I do and I offer an incredible service for the fee that I charge.  That fee always stays within a certain range but fees are set based on what you need done.  How complicated is your case?   How many liens have to be avoided?  Do I need to file motions to value property?  In other words, how much work is going to be required to get you the best result available?  That's right the best result—not the cheapest fee.

The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you truly believe bankruptcy lawyers are a dime a dozen you're wrong.  All you have to do to see that is to visit a bankruptcy court and watch a few hearings.  It won't take 30 minutes to figure out which bankruptcy lawyers are good.  Some bankruptcy lawyers are good at getting your money–but not at protecting you.

If your sole focus is the fee you pay, I would respectfully suggest that you need to rethink your position.  This is your financial life you are talking about.  The quality of the bankruptcy lawyer you hire will make all the difference in how easy and successful your bankruptcy case will be.

Fees and Results Matter

If you are trying to find the cheapest lawyer out there, do me a favor and mark me off your list.  I might not charge anymore than the people you call for quotes.  The difference is–I charge you based on what you need.  My fees are not the same for every case.  No two cases are the same.  Your facts are different from those of my next client.  What you need, and what needs to be done to accomplish your goals, is unique.  So is the fee I charge.  My focus is on fees and results—not just fees.  Results matter.  Fees matter.  Good bankruptcy lawyers take both into account and develop a plan that best serves you.

I am always aware that people struggling with debt don't have any extra money.  I'm concerned about charging you a fair price for the best results.  If that is not your goal, we aren't a good match.  I sincerely wish you well with that cheap bankruptcy lawyer you are looking to hire.

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Melinda Dionne

My name is Melinda Dionne.  For over 35 years, I have been helping people find a way to deal with overwhelming debt.  I have never represented a deadbeat because the vast majority of people having financial problems are anything but deadbeats.


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