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Melinda Dionne

Who Am I?

My name is Melinda Dionne.  For over 35 years, I have been helping people find a way to deal with overwhelming debt.  I have never represented a deadbeat because the vast majority of people having financial problems are anything but deadbeats.  My clients are stressed and struggling to deal with the harassment that comes from owing more money than they can pay.  I love what I do because I am in a great position.  Every day,  I see the relief in peoples' eyes when they learn how I can help them!

What I Do.

Bankruptcy is not right for everyone.  In some cases, I work out settlements with creditors out-of-court.  In others, I tell people how they will benefit from filing a bankruptcy case. I explain all of the options that are available to them and what they can expect as my clients.  Our discussions include non-bankruptcy options as well as bankruptcy options.  I help my clients to understand the choices and design a plan that will work for them and their families.  Most importantly, I help people regain their dignity and peace of mind by actively working to resolve their financial problems.

Why Do I Do It?

I have a unique job. I spend my days helping people find a way to get out from living with the crushing debt. True, I often meet people who are at a low point.  People never want to come to see me. I am their last resort. The beauty of what I do is that I get to help my clients regain a sense of self-worth and well-being.  My clients are able to completely change their lives by reducing the stress and upheaval that debt can cause. Debt problems cause stress, which can kill you. Financial problems can make people suicidal because they just cannot stand the pressure and harassment from creditors any longer. Sometimes, they cannot see any other way out of their financial problems!  Don't be a victim of overwhelming debt. There are many options to consider that can help to resolve your financial problems. You can live a better life, and I can help you do it.  What could be more rewarding than that?

How I Can Help You.

Getting help is easy.  Pick up the phone and call me at (205) 349-5911 in Tuscaloosa.  Since the consultation is free, I will evaluate your situation and tell you what options I think work best for you.  If I can't help you, you owe me nothing.  Surely you have an hour to invest in solving your financial problems and improving your future?  I look forward to helping you get out of debt.  Make this the year you take charge of your finances and make debt problems a thing of the past.

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