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6 Different Ways to Get Out of Debt

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How to Get Help To Get Out of Debt

Are you ready to get out from under your crushing debt?  There are 6 different ways to get out of debt that we will discuss here.

Credit Counseling

First you could try credit counseling.  There are many free services that will go over your finances with you.  They will make suggestions on changes that you can make to help you with your debt problems. To find out more, click the Credit Counseling link above.

Debt Consolidation

Using Debt Consolidation, you would take out a loan and pay off your other debts.  This can result in a more affordable payment.  It generally requires you to have a credit score that is high enough to qualify for the loan. For more information on Debt Consolidation, click the Debt Consolidation link above.

Debt Management

You could also enter into a debt management plan.  I caution you that many of these plans set unrealistic expectations on your ability to repay your debt.  In addition, your creditors do not have to cooperate with the debt management company. For more information about Debt Management, click the Debt Management link above.

Debt Negotiation Programs

Debt Negotiation Programs involve hiring someone to negotiate directly with your creditors on your behalf. These can be dangerous, in part because any agreement is voluntary with a creditor. If a creditor does not want to negotiate, they are not required to do it. Also, a creditor can still sue you to collect the money that you owe. For more information on Debt Negotiation, click the Debt Negotiation Programs link above.

Direct Negotiation with Your Creditors

You can deal with your creditors directly and try to work out more affordable payments.  You may be successful with some creditors.  Others may refuse to work with you.  You need a “big picture” solution to your debt problems.  Dealing with only a few creditors will not help your overall credit. For more information on Direct Negotiation with Your Creditors, click the Direct Negotiation With Your Creditors link above.

Reasons to File Bankruptcy

You could also file a bankruptcy case to either restructure your debt or wipe it out completely.  This website discusses various things to consider in deciding if filing bankruptcy is right for you. For more information on the many reasons to consider filing a bankruptcy case, click on the Reasons to File Bankruptcy link above.

Each of the links above provides you with one of the 6 Different Ways to Get Out of Debt. Take the time to consider all of your options before you make a decision.

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